Lifestyle blog for the young working woman.

Founded in 2016 by Abha Chiyedan, The WERK LIFE is on a mission to help young working women create a balanced lifestyle. Recognizing that work-life balance isn't always top of mind for young professionals in the early days of their career, The WERK LIFE is dedicated to help set millennial women up for success in both their careers and personal lives.

At The WERK LIFE, we focus on four important areas:

THE OFFICE: Career advice and more, because we've all struggled with this one. The happier and less stressful your environment, the better. We call this course, "How to Survive the Office 101".

HEALTH: What's a balanced lifestyle without health? Be your best self both mentally and physically with fit tips, recipes, and more. There's nothing quite like a guide to health and wellness catered to the working woman!

PRODUCTIVITY: Believe it or not, how productive you are is key to helping you reach some of those big #goals. We're talking planning, time management, and efficiency - aka, how to make the most out of 24 hours.

MONEY: We can't stress the importance of financial literacy enough. You can't be a #girlboss if you're not financially savvy. Learn the technicals, start investing, and make it rain!

Questions? Give us a shout at info@thewerklife.com



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